About Paulette Blais

Hi, I’d like to be your coach. I want you to see and use your own potential for growth and change. Coaching can help you achieve what you know you want, like a different direction or fulfillment in your work, healthier life habits or life projects you have dreamed of but haven’t pursued. Coaching can help you clarify why you feel stuck and unsatisfied and answer “What do I want next?” and “What do I need to do to get there?”

I became a coach because I believe that each person has agency in their life. I was curious about why people got caught in life habits and patterns that made them unhappy or unfulfilled. Why did they keep doing the same things then? Why did they feel so stuck? Why was change so hard? How could they see other possibilities? I admired people who had weathered big life challenges with optimism, resilience and grace. I wanted to learn how they did it.

I was also motivated by my own big life changes. I have an undergrad degree in Anthropology from McGill and a Master’s in Industrial Relations from Queen’s. I had a satisfying career as a researcher and policy analyst. In 2006 I left the security of a permanent job and took a leap – to create my consulting practice. In my 50s I ramped up my fitness – embarking on open-water swimming trips of up to 5 km/day. I also finally got a handle on my weight, lost 30 pounds and learned how to keep it off. These changes have made me more confident, satisfied and healthy. They bolstered my sense of self and conviction that there can be positive change at any age. I want that for others.

Each person’s goals are different. When we go on a coaching journey it is led by you. You choose the direction and our coaching conversations will help define the destination. I will ask you a lot of questions. I am your ally and will celebrate your success – but you will be accountable for your progress. It will be harder work for you than for me. You will get stronger and more confident as you mark small and big milestones along the way. Let’s start this adventure together!

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