I celebrate my clients getting unstuck and climbing out of behaviours and attitudes that are creating dissatisfaction in their life. It is hard work. Progress starts and stalls. Sometimes they tell me they are not making much progress at all. No one else may see or know about their struggles because they are ashamed, embarrassed or just very private. Maybe more strength is needed to climb out of a personal canyon than to climb a mountain in public – and that triumph should also be admired.

Spring Awakening

As I write this, a little while after the Spring Equinox and while a thunder shower rages outside, I think of the hopeful transformation of this time of year. As the dirty snow is washed away, the days lengthen and the sun shines stronger I love the feeling of impending change and renewing life at …

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Women’s Day!

Today I reflect on and celebrate all of the people who believe in and contribute through their words and actions to gender equality. I have a lot of thoughts on this special day. I think especially of the women who have shaped me – those I have learned from, leaned on and looked up to. …

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Happy Monday!

I take inspiration where I find it – even on a smeared chalkboard outside a yoga studio on Yonge Street. Funny that I noticed it… One of the effects of coaching is the power of noticing. When I work with a client on exploring their goals and life changes I see something happen. They very …

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As the year draws to a close…

So, it is almost over – what do you think about 2022? This can be a good time to take stock and look to the future. Whether you considered it a good year or not how you reflect on and tell yourself the story of the year’s events, how you lived and dealt with them, …

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The next stage, your way…

I am excited to share that I am now a Certified Professional Retirement Coach! Who knew such a role existed, right? And why did I do this extra training? In my work I already help clients make significant life changes. However, “retirement”, in whatever form it takes, presents its own unique challenges. I wanted to get specific tools to help people anticipate and make a healthy transition. So – with more learning I am now launching my retirement transition program.  

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“Never apologize for food…”

That was what my sweet, wise-beyond-her-years daughter said to me a long time ago. I was bringing a dish to the family dinner table. I had spent a long time preparing it. But before I even set it down I was saying that it might not be that tasty, that maybe the recipe hadn’t worked out right. My little sage turned to me and said: “You making us food is a good thing. It is like a present you are giving us. Don’t apologize for food, mom.” Wow… I have kept this in my heart ever since and shared it with many friends. To me it applies to more than just food.

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Running at my own best pace…

I am happy to share this inspiring guest article by my friend Audrey Danaher: Running season is upon us and as the training and races get into full swing, I’m reminded of the most important life lesson I’ve learned from the activity over the years: Run at my own best pace. It’s a lesson that …

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What is on your horizon?

Summertime horizons…what are you looking toward? Some of my coaching clients are taking a summer pause, and that’s fine and good. Reculer pour mieux sauter is a French expression that roughly translates as stepping back to make a better jump. Summer is a good time to do that.

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Fierce & Fragile

Role model!

There is a group of older women I see at the pool. Many of them use walkers and canes. Some arrive with their swim floatie around their waist already. They are coming for a swim or aquafit. They chat in Portuguese, Mandarin, Italian and beautiful Jamaican English. Over a lifetime they have travelled tens of thousands of miles to meet on this Tuesday at this slightly shabby but well-loved community centre. I am sure their life stories could fill a library. 

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