Coaching sessions will take place by Zoom, by phone or in person (post-COVID-19).

Receipt for services: All services will be invoiced and clients provided a receipt. If you are a business owner or have a private practice, this service may be claimed as a professional development and/or business coaching expense. 


My fee is $125 +HST per one hour session. This includes a check-in between sessions to keep you going!

Free Introductory Session

Curious about Coaching?

Have you ever wondered about coaching? In this free, 30-minute introductory session, find out how it can help you:

  • explore and clarify your goals in a structured way
  • identify what has gotten in your way before and what has worked
  • make plans and take steps to make the life changes you want
  • focus on now and the future
  • be accountable for your own progress


Book a Coaching Session

Coaching is usually booked as a package of sessions. In special circumstances I will offer single sessions and an individual session payment option. 

  • Includes a 1-hour Zoom, distanced in-person or telephone session and one follow-up check-in.

Coaching Packages

You can sign up for a 5-session or 10-session coaching package, or contact me to create a custom package.

All coaching packages include:

  • 1-hour sessions via Zoom, telephone or in-person sessions held in downtown Toronto or Montreal (post-COVID).
  • Sessions held at an agreed-upon interval of your choice (every 1–4 weeks). 
  • Option of a check-in by email or telephone (maximum 20 minutes) between sessions.

“At a crossroads in my career, I turned to Paulette to help me narrow down my choices of next steps. With gentle questioning and delving she enabled me to dig down and find the honest answer that was hiding inside me of what I really wanted to do next – it wasn’t any of the choices on my original list! Listening carefully and knowing exactly what kind of positive reinforcement and motivation a person needs are Paulette’s top gifts in my opinion. She brought me from, “I really wish I could do this”, to “I know I can do this and now I am doing this!”  I am so glad I had these coaching sessions, if not for this I might have put off doing what makes me happy and fulfilled for another 20 years. – Gillian

Coaching Agreement

Please complete and submit the Coaching Agreement prior to your first paid session. Note: This step is not required for the free introductory session.