Good Choices

One way to make a decision is to look at “Pros and Cons”. One of the risks of looking at the “Cons” is that they can become larger, obscure our vision of possibilities and make us fearful. What if you flip the script and only look at the “Pros”?  

We can’t make perfect choices. It is impossible to have all the information to know with certainty what will happen, the opportunities and outcomes that will result. Think of the times you have gone down a surprising path to experiences and relationships you could not have predicted.  

I once heard a theory that “Humans don’t make good choices – they make choices then make them good”. A cynic would say that this just means that people are able to rationalize any dumb decision they make. For me it is the capacity for humans to see the possibility and positive sides of their actions, even when the outcome is not what they intended or expected.  

So – when wrestling with different options, rather than focusing on potential downsides, how about exploring ONLY the possible “Pros”? Questions like:

  • How does this choice use my strengths?
  • What skills will it help me develop?
  • What obstacles will I overcome?  
  • What will be interesting?
  • What new experiences will I have?
  • What will I learn? 
  • Is this choice short or long-term? What are the best things about that?
  • How can I change direction if I want to?
  • How will this be good for me financially, socially or emotionally?
  • How can this change me for the better?  
  • Who might I meet?
  • Who will accompany me?
  • What challenges will I have to face?
  • What scares me (in a good way)?
  • How will I grow? 

This may take some effort. Focusing only on the positive doesn’t always come naturally. Some might say it is unrealistic. I think it is worth it to broaden your lens to start with a positive mindset. You can handle any choice that you eventually make and yes – you can’t know everything that will result. Make a choice and you will make it good.