Here we go!

I am launching my coaching practice. It is scary. Starting a new business at any time is daunting. During the COVID-19 pandemic it seems like terrible timing. I am just as afraid of change as anyone. Having to design the website made me excited but panicked.

I dislike having my picture taken so putting one up on the site caused a little anguish. I am sure that I am not the only person who sees in the mirror a much more attractive and engaging face than the one that appears in photos. I also didn’t want to use stock photos so asking friends or family to provide some and doing the selection caused more stress. Working with the web designer to set up on-line appointments, blogging etc…I felt quite out of my depth at times.

I knew that once I launched the website and offered my services I would have to face the reality of attracting clients. So – I struggled like most people do with big challenges. I put some things off. I fiddled with easier tasks and procrastinated about the harder ones. I worked on my bike instead. I took on-line window shopping breaks.

Fortunately I also watched a webinar by Peter Bregman, author of “Leading with Emotional Courage.” He says change is so hard because it is so emotionally uncomfortable. That resonated with me. We fear the feelings that come with attempting change: scared, challenged, inadequate, rejected, not smart enough, not hard-working enough. We all fear failure – past and potential. His advice: “If you are willing to feel everything you can do anything.”

In coach training we are coached by our peers and a professional mentor coach. We also learn to coach ourselves. I am taking a leap right now. I feel the fear but I have learned some tools to push through. That is really where the traction begins. Being comfortable can hold us back. I know that working with a skilled coach can make change easier. Your coach knows that you will doubt yourself. You can express those difficult feelings and take steps anyway. So – let’s go! Let’s start the conversation and face those challenges together. You will do the hard work. I know it will be hard. I’d like to be there with you.