Lessons from the lobster

Photo by Anton Ahlberg

Did you know that the only way a lobster can grow is to break out of its shell and grow a new one? That is a very cool fact I did not know before.

This was mentioned in the excellent CBC interview with Martinus Evans who, as a very large man, cracked open medical, social and athletic expectations to become a marathon runner and running coach for people of all sizes and paces. And he did it his own way. He didn’t lose weight and become fast and slim. Nope. He became a 300-pound runner despite others’ expectations, exclusion and derision and has created a huge supportive community for others. Martinus founded the Slow AF Run Club and has recently published a book about his amazing and continuing journey. I recommend it.

I mentioned the lobster analogy to a friend who countered me by asking why life always has to be about struggle. Of course it shouldn’t. But when we do feel constrained by what just doesn’t fit us anymore – remember the lobster. It might hurt to crack open that shell and shed those broken bits but that is a way to grow.