What is on your horizon?

Summertime horizons…what are you looking toward? Some of my coaching clients are taking a summer pause, and that’s fine and good. Reculer pour mieux sauter is a French expression that roughly translates as stepping back to make a better jump. Summer is a good time to do that.

Summer is also good for dreaming and visioning. It is OK not to make big plans or take major actions. Take time to pause and enjoy the sun on your skin and the smell of fresh rain. People playing reminds us of carefree times. Sitting in the shade, eating or drinking outside is a pleasure for such short months of the year. Green softens everything. Enjoy with renewed gratitude the freedom we have to see people again. Let your body experience water – a stream, a beach, a pool or even your feet in a bucket of cool water can connect you a bit with that element from which we all came.

Change can be fast or slow. Ideas germinate when they are fed and watered like seedlings. Confidence grows by being brave enough to tell others about the changes we want to make. Connect with supportive and inspiring people. Getting out of the routine of every day can give us a pleasant nudge that there are possibilities to do things differently.  

My summer learning will include Susan Jeffers’ teachings on “Feel the fear and do it anyway“. I want to better help my clients overcome their fear and take big steps to design the life they want (and I am also considering a new challenge that scares me – stay tuned!).

Enjoy the long view of your new horizons! I wish you all a beautiful summer of sunsets and resets and look forward to reconnecting in the fall.