Making Room

Throughout this damn pandemic, I often read: Use this time to declutter! Get rid of things! Fix up the house! Was it the effect of spending WAY too much time indoors, working at home, to blame? Or maybe it was the influence of Marie Kondo and her “life-changing magic of tidying up.” In any case, both my clients and I seemed preoccupied with sorting and throwing things out to straighten out our homes and lives.

I realized I was asking the wrong question. I needed to focus on growing, NOT shedding. Creating my coach identity and making space for it. I needed to make room forNOT get rid of. So, I cleared a designated area for coaching materials and Zooming with clients but didn’t bin all my past work. My career helped shape me to be the coach I am now – I don’t need to clear away the evidence.   

Most of my clients are also in a period of transition. They don’t need to get rid of their past – but they do want to grow, change and create more of what they want in their life. So instead of asking “what can I let go of?” ask yourself: “What do I want to make room for?” followed by “What do I need to make that happen?”- is it a writing space, a business plan, a workshop, a community or new activities? Drop me a message and let’s chat about how you can make room for your future.