Coaching can perk you up!

I love this plant. Since the pandemic began I have added to my small plant collection, even though I really do neglect them. This little one is incredibly resilient. Give it a little attention and it bounces right back! Coaching can help you perk up, too.

When you feel like your challenges are a big jumble, and you really want to sort it out – I will listen and ask questions to help you find clarity and focus. One of the powers of coaching is that I am not your work supervisor, aunt, mom, or friend…but I am on your side and want you to create what is best for you. Coaching is not psychotherapy, but it is therapeutic to talk to someone for an hour who is there for you alone, truly curious and non-judgmental…and who keeps your conversations confidential.    

Coaching discussions can be intense. At times tears appear as a client talks about what they really want. Sometimes this is first time they have voiced it aloud. Some have been disparaged or told it is unrealistic or selfish to want to change their life’s direction or goals. That doesn’t happen in coaching. Exploration is the sunshine and planning is the water that powers growth.

My clients say they they leave sessions feeling lighter, optimistic, and energized to take action. Ready? Let us create that momentum together.