Rude title – great book!

Buy Yourself the F*king Lilies is a rollicking, fun read. Tara Schuster describes herself as going from rock-bottom on her 25th birthday (including drunk-dialing her therapist) to taking stock of and developing habits and rituals to fix her life. I like to pick up shiny bits of wisdom wherever I find it…and this self-described “elder millennial” provided a lot of glittery material for me and my coaching practice.

The snappy, chatty and f-bomb-laced chapters on weed, thank-you notes, lady harems, gratitude, work, dating, really good bras and Paris deliver advice about how rituals for mind, body and relationships can help you treat yourself with kindness and help you create the life you want. Her clever and irreverent writing had me laughing out loud.

Like a trusted, straight-shooting friend who asks “Is that 5 PM wine-o’clock really working for you?” she doesn’t judge but makes you think. Yes – if I can get a handle on the pile of books and clothes beside my bed I do think I will be a more elegant and grown-up person. I totally agree that exercise is as good for the brain as the body. Focusing on gratitude, even when you don’t feel like it, does improve your life-view and the narrative you are telling yourself. And yes – we are all worth seven-dollar lilies, or anything else that instantly makes our life better!   

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