Happy Monday!

I take inspiration where I find it – even on a smeared chalkboard outside a yoga studio on Yonge Street. Funny that I noticed it…

One of the effects of coaching is the power of noticing. When I work with a client on exploring their goals and life changes I see something happen. They very often start noticing things they didn’t before – like information, people and opportunities that support their goals. Do they manifest this? Maybe. I also think that coaching perks them up and opens their eyes wider to see things in new ways.

As an example one client has transitioned to being a writer. They will soon be publishing their first book! This was a big change of identity. As they worked on their manuscript and grew into that new identity a few things clicked into place. As if by tangential and happy accident they connected with a publishing professional excited about the project. This person offered to guide the book to publication and found editors to review the manuscript. The writer also kept meeting or reconnecting with people who were enthusiastic and supportive of their new pursuit – almost by chance or coincidence.

Did the stars just align? Maybe. But clients pursuing other goals have experienced this as well. I think it is more likely that as my clients become freer with their ideas, explore and become more open with others about that exploration positivity and possibility grow. I describe it as having one’s “antennae” up…and they notice what they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Be like the magpie – be aware, pick up shiny bits of information or inspiration. Talk about your goals and aspirations with those who support you. Notice what you didn’t before. See what is around you that you can use, that supports you to do what you want, to make the positive changes you seek. Notice.