Women’s Day!

Today I reflect on and celebrate all of the people who believe in and contribute through their words and actions to gender equality.

I have a lot of thoughts on this special day. I think especially of the women who have shaped me – those I have learned from, leaned on and looked up to. I also think about how our society shapes all of out perceptions of ourselves and how some of the harms of sexism, ageism and racism show up in my coaching conversations.

It takes support and unlearning to truly value yourself and your own potential, to see how you contribute to this world, to have self-compassion, to seek what you want and need and to aspire to make big changes in your life. I encourage you to see this potential in yourself and also in others. Kindness, respect, recognition and truly seeing and listening to each other lifts us all up. To me that is a message of International Women’s Day!