Movement Is Therapy

I am a life-long swimmer. For me, a swim improves everything. A bad day is made better, a good day becomes fantastic. After a swim or a bike ride, I write better. I am relaxed and less likely to get too stressed about anything. Many locker-room conversations have confirmed for me that exercise benefits mental …

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Making Room

Throughout this damn pandemic, I often read: Use this time to declutter! Get rid of things! Fix up the house! Was it the effect of spending WAY too much time indoors, working at home, to blame? Or maybe it was the influence of Marie Kondo and her “life-changing magic of tidying up.” In any case, both my clients and I seemed preoccupied with sorting and throwing things out to straighten out our homes and lives.

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Coaching can perk you up!

I love this plant. Since the pandemic began I have added to my small plant collection, even though I really do neglect them. This little one is incredibly resilient. Give it a little attention and it bounces right back! Coaching can help you perk up, too.

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Not stuck…just resting

At the beginning of 2021 making New Year’s resolutions and shiny goals seems pretty ambitious. Most people are just aiming to get by with their mental and physical health intact until this damn pandemic is over. Of course, if people are starting the year making big plans and forging ahead I celebrate and support that …

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Rude title – great book!

Buy Yourself the F*king Lilies is a rollicking, fun read. Tara Schuster describes herself as going from rock-bottom on her 25th birthday (including drunk-dialing her therapist) to taking stock of and developing habits and rituals to fix her life. I like to pick up shiny bits of wisdom wherever I find it…and this self-described “elder millennial” provided a lot of glittery material for me and my coaching practice.

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A testimonial…

“I didn’t see where coaching could take me or understand how it would open up my thinking until I sat down with Paulette.” 

“She asks just the right opening questions, and then has all the right follow up, all of which encourages long range vision but also the concrete next steps to head in that direction. Paulette will help you unlock your dreams and then plot the path to get there. She listens both to what you say and don’t say. She presses without pushing.  And most importantly she helps you see how best to trust your own judgement.” Alex N.

Rewriting your story

Human beings are all story-tellers. We tell our life story, the happenings of the day, recount joyous and terrible events. Even if we don’t reveal much or easily to others, we tell ourselves our stories. The way we tell our experiences creates and colours its meaning. “We become the narratives that we construct to tell our lives” (Jerome Bruner, 1997).

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Here we go!

I am launching my coaching practice. It is scary. Starting a new business at any time is daunting. During the COVID-19 pandemic it seems like terrible timing. I am just as afraid of change as anyone. Having to design the website made me excited but panicked.

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